Available Pool

lunarpool is a community single pool operator

Ticker: MOON1
Pool ID:
8253f8a94044070ddb196884eb3e912e9b6dca9a0e3210325a09a335 Copy ID

Reward Token

Name: lunarcoin
Symbol: LUNAR
Supply: 100.00m

Policy ID: 8e5d2909dedd5203c6d0b41c8f3c3b36d872ca4063464565722da0cb Copy ID

About us

Our Stake Pool Cluster was established in November 2019, couple of weeks before the ITN launch and named lunarpool.io, because most of the proposed names we were able to come up with were connected to space or directly to the Moon. Our pool is operated by a group of IT professionals with over 20 years of experience who started running it for fun, later like a challege they will not let go and finally fell in love with the Cardano project.

We all quickly dived in, built a pool in testnet and prepared for the start of ITN in 2 weeks. Whole ITN, was a source of priceless experience. Our skills, luck and enthusiasm brought us more than 1000 blocks minted during ITN and super-high slot battle success ratio (TOP 50).

The time and effort we put into ITN together with the success we achieved led us to the decision to try our luck in mainnet as well.

Sometimes we are asked why we run multiple pools, the answer is very simple.

At the very beginning of ITN we were running MOON1 stake pool which offered 1% margin pool to the ITN, then decided to spin up MOON2 with 2% margin which was primarily supposed to reserve the ticker for a case MOON1 goes saturated and finally MOON9 which was meant to become a testing pool. In the end MOON9 was very popular by delegators and minted over 1000 blocks having the stake over 28M ₳. MOON1 minted 1 block in the last ITN epoch and finally MOON2 never minted a block.

We decided to book all three tickers for mainnet, but in fact only MOON1 is promoted, minted the 1st block and is waiting for more delegators. MOON2 and MOON9 are running, but we do not promote them and do not expect any delegations there at the moment.

Our Team


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We would love to get in touch with you!
We would love to get to know each other!

We believe that an integral part of the stake pool operator's mission is, in addition to the operation of the network infrastructure, also spreading updates about the project and the education and training of the wider community.

But as crypto is acompletely new inndustry, we can not limit only on delegates and the staking process, we must also focus on general basics, security principles and skills required for safe digital assets handling.

Follow us on Twitter to get the news: @lunarpool_io
Chat with us on Telegram: https://t.me/lunarpool
Or send us an email to : cardano@lunarpool.io